Antoine Palmier-Reynaud
Dossier mis à jour — 16/12/2020

État souverain de réalité / République populaire de paranoïa

État souverain de réalité / République populaire de paranoïa
À propos du corpus

Social nightmare is rationalized and one arrives in an adult fairy tale.

The Sovereign state of reality/Peoples Republic of paranoia exhibit, named after Stephen King's famous novel Misery, is intended to put into play a variety of notions: the historical codes of abstraction, seabeds, horror novels, and supermarkets from the 90s.

APR mixes genres, tones and themes in order to spark broader notions of structure and implosion. In each of the works displayed here the artist folds the subject so that it faces inwards, making maximum use of its visual field and losing it in the process – the better to test its limits.

In doing so, the artist is proposing a way to view our immediate surrounding that appropriates elements of the fantastic. He offers 3 hypotheses through which to explore the exhibition: formal, critical, and fictional.

Through titles, performances and workshop anecdotes that link to the sculptures, APR asks us to peel back the layers, explore the secondary themes that lie below the surface, and discover a work that also builds on the imaginary. He suggests that there are spaces between what is and what could be; between the seeming concreteness of objects and supposition; between reality and paranoia.