— September 2023

This journey brings together ephemeral works, with precarious conditions of existence, sometimes even doomed to disappearance. Whether they are in situ or performative interventions, tangible objects, tenuous or more monumental gestures, these evolutionary works provide, in their production processes or materials, both their own conditions of appearance and erasure, exhaustion, or even their potential destruction. Using recycling procedures and savings of means, the artists here cause transitory situations and produce unstable forms, in equilibrium suspended in the environment that receives them. By challenging the notions of collection and conservation, they assume a form of impermanence of the work, even if they risk its invisibility.

Proposal by Lélia Martin-Lirot

— List of the mentioned artists :

  • Linda Sanchez
  • Bruno Yvonnet
  • Marion Robin
  • Mathias Tujague
  • Antoine Palmier-Reynaud
  • Guillaume Perez
  • Émilie Perotto
  • Bruno Silva
  • Olivier Nottellet
  • Bertrand Grosol
  • Gaëlle Foray
  • Benedetto Bufalino
  • Perrine Lacroix