Selection committee

Artists selection

The documentary collection represents more than a hundred artists to date. The commitment of the team in an editorial work with each artist allows the realization of ten new files per year and twenty updates on average. The website concerns professional artists, visual artists or designers, living and working in Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes. Their production must be sufficiently committed for a thorough documentation to be devoted to them.

Vue de l'index du dossier de Keiko Machida

Selection committee

Once a year, a selection committee is invited to determine the artists who will integrate the site the following year. This jury, renewed each year by part, is composed of various professionals of the art (artists, curators, managers of places of diffusion, institutionals, collectors, critics...) which contribute to building the quality and diversity of the documentary collection.

The last committee was held in September 2022, in the presence of the following jury members:

  • Sophie Auger-Grappin, director of Creux de l'enfer, Art center of Thiers

  • Fabienne Ballandras, artist and teacher at Ensba Lyon

  • Xavier Jullien, director of Art center of Vénissieux

  • Thomas Kocek, visual arts advisor, Ministry of Culture - DRAC Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes

  • Bertrand Riou, director of CACN - Art center of Nîmes

  • Gunther Ludwig, curator, critic and teacher at ESAD Orléans

  • Ariane Réquin, independent consultant of artistic projects, Lyon

  • Claire Viallat, critic and teacher at ESAA Annecy

2023 selection committee

The next call for applications will be open in the last quarter of 2023.

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Application conditions

  • Living and working in Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes;
  • Carry out a professional artistic activity;
  • Working in the field of contemporary art;
  • Exhibit regularly in contemporary art venues in France and/or abroad.

Jurys members since 2009

Isabelle Arnaud-Descours, Région Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes — Sophie Auger-Grappin, Creux de l’enfer (Thiers) — Fabienne Ballandras, artiste (Lyon) — Marie Bassano, Galerie Tator (Lyon) — Frédéric Bouglé, Creux de l’enfer (Thiers) — Manuella Boone, Région Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes — Martial Déflacieux, Artistes en résidence (Clt-Ferrand) — Marc Desgrandchamps, artiste (Lyon) — Christine Finizio, DDA Bretagne (Brest) — Anne Giffon-Selle, CAP Saint-Fons — Michel Griscelli, DRAC Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes — Eléonore Jacquiau-Chamska, PNR Monts d’Ardèche (Jaujac) — Xavier Jullien, Centre d’art de Vénissieux — Karim Kal, artiste (Lyon) — Frédéric Khodja, artiste (Lyon) — Thomas Kocek, DRAC Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes — Benoît Lamy de la Chapelle, In Extenso (Clt-Ferrand) — Marine Lang, Mécènes du Sud Montpellier-Sète — Sophie Lapalu, critique et enseignante (Clt-Ferrand) — Marion Lemoult, LoRa (Metz) — Claire Le Restif, Crédac (Ivry) — Christian Lhopital, artiste (Lyon) — Brigitte Liabeuf, DRAC Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes — Françoise Lonardoni, macLYON — Emmanuel Louisgrand, artiste (Saint-Étienne) — Gunther Ludwig, critique et enseignant (Orléans) — Guillaume Mansart, DDA Paca (Marseille) — José Martinez, collectionneur (Lyon) — Stefania Meazza, BBB (Toulouse) — Claire Migraine, Réseau dda — Gaël Moissonnier, Réseau dda — Iragaëlle Monnier, Réseau dda — Olivier Nottellet, artiste (Lyon) — Emilie Perotto, artiste (Lyon) — Gaëlle Petit, Région Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes — Michel Poitevin, Adiaf (Lille) — Julie Portier, La Salle de Bains (Lyon) — Ariane Réquin, conseil et conception de projets (Lyon) — Alain Rérat, DRAC Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes — Michel Riéra, Urb’art (Lyon) — Bertrand Riou, CACN (Nîmes) — Julie Rodriguez-Malti, Néon (Lyon) — Daniel Schlier, artiste (Strasbourg) — Christian Sozzi, Galerie B+ (Lyon) — Noëlle Tissier, CRAC (Sète) — Claire Viallat, critique et enseignante (Annecy) — Aurélie Voltz, MAMC+ (Saint-Étienne) — Karine Vonna, Villa du Parc (Annemasse)