Missions & activities

Since October 2010, Documents d'artistes Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes has been developing a documentary site dedicated to the works of visual artists and designers living in the region.


A tool for research and discovery of contemporary creation, the site presents digital files designed with artists and consisting of numerous documentary resources (reproductions of works, exhibition views, videos, texts, CVs, news, etc.).

Documents d'artistes provides free, in-depth and editorialized documentation for all audiences, updated regularly to reflect the evolution of artistic productions.

Aperçu de la documentation de Bertrand Stofleth


Our approach is at the crossroads of documentation and communication. The aim is to best represent contemporary works to promote accessibility and dissemination.

The online publishing work is accompanied by communication, training and mediation, to present the site and promote artists to various audiences. The site also shows the activity of cultural places, enhancing the richness and diversity of the territorial artistic scene.

DDA-AuRA develops privileged contacts and partnerships with venues, regularly participating in the organization of public events (video projections, meetings, exhibitions, workshop visits…).


The site provides an in-depth and editorialized documentation, regularly updated to reflect the evolution of contemporary artistic productions. It is aimed at both art professionals and amateurs, offering a free and exponential digital resource.

Without replacing the direct encounter with the works, the site allows to discover artists, to situate their career and contexts of production and gives an overview of the dynamism of the territorial artistic scene. This tool aims to stimulate attendance at venues and interest in contemporary art.

Documentary method

Documents d’artistes reflects on the documentation of contemporary art on the Internet. Each dossier is designed in collaboration with the artist, to make his approach, the evolution of his career and the singularity of his works readable. The files are designed as evolving monographic editions. DDA-AuRA supports artists in the long term by offering them a critical look, technical support and an expanded communication.

DDA-AuRA constitutes

  • A tool for discovering, informing and raising awareness of contemporary art for all audiences;
  • A resource for communities, patrons, collectors, foundations, companies;
  • A knowledge and prospecting base for art professionals;
  • A research tool for students, mediators, documentalists, art critics and journalists, etc.


DDA-AuRA is a vector of valorization of contemporary creation. Through its work of documentation, dissemination and information relays, the team plays a role of professional accompaniment of artists throughout their career.

The site represents a large professional art scene. The fund is growing steadily, with new editorial collaborations.
Particular attention is paid to the choice of artists, without restriction of age, medium or career level. The quality and diversity of the site are guaranteed by an annual selection committee, made up of art professionals.

DDA-AuRA also relies on cultural structures that contribute to the identification of artists and the dissemination of works.

Réseau documents d'artistes - DDA Network

Documents d’artistes Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes works in close collaboration with the other DDA associations existing in Paca, Brittany, New Aquitaine, Reunion, Occitanie and Geneva (to come in other territories).
In 2011, the Réseau documents d’artistes federation was created to strengthen the visibility of artists nationally and internationally.