Samuel Rousseau

Updated — 19/12/2011

Born in 1971


“Samuel Rousseau’s works combine a discreet but very effective use of digital technologies, at the service of a project to re-enchant the world, which is neither inane nor paved with good intentions, but which, through a poetics of forms which is peculiar to it, asserts man’s lack of adaptation to the laws of format standardization which contemporary existence forces upon him. In manipulating major changes of scale—from the miniature object to monumental architecture—the artist, as a sculptor, retrieves, hijacks and invents systems in which the animated images of looped micro-movements appear first of all in an enigmatic form, and then little by little release “impressive” imaginary worlds. In the grid of the video image, and in the cracks in objects and textures of the real world, are mingled unexpected motifs which disturb perception and bother common sense. A poetics not without humour emanates from “rectified” objects drawing with it the pleasure of sensation and suspension of judgment.”

Françoise Parfait, 2012
Translated by Simon Pleasance, 2015